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Originally published in 1836 as "The Duty of the Present Generation to Evangelize the World: An Appeal From The Missionaries At The Sandwich Islands To Their Friends In the United States"
A short book published by the early Christian missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands. A modern day epistle on the duty to evangelize and obey the last command of Jesus while on earth. This book has some very clear and convicting insights into the Christian's life of obedience to the Master and was compiled from the participation of multiple missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands. The following year (1837) revival broke out all over the islands for three years with over 20,000 added to the churches.


"The following resolutions, and the remarks connected with them, are designed for all the friends of Christ, but more particularly for his ministers, in the United States."

"The members of the Sandwich Islands' Mission, at a meeting in June, 1836, were led to consider their duty in relation to the churches in Christian lands, who, possessing the means for saving a lost world, do not employ them. Almost none of the settled ministry hear the command, GO TEACH ALL NATIONS..."

"The churches are perceiving more and more clearly their duty to the heathen, while their efforts do not correspond with their convictions; thus rendering their own salvation doubtful, exposing their country to divine displeasure, and leaving the heathen to perish... Therefore we cannot be silent. We must speak."


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