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    • Historical Sketch Of The Hawaiian Mission (1869 ed.) - By Samuel C. Bartlett, D.D.
      This short book is an overview of the Christian mission to the Hawaiian Islands (Sandwich Islands) from 1820 to 1870. It also includes short sections on the missions to Micronesia and the Marquesas Islands. The missions were coordinated and supported by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (A.B.C.F.M.). It also briefly touches upon the influence of the Roman Catholics, Mormons and the Reformed Catholics (England).
      Included at the end is a booklist of restored texts relating to the Hawaiian mission and Hawaiian history during the 1800's.
    • PB Life In Hawaii (1882 ed.) - By Titus Coan
      Autobiographical journey of missionary life and labors of Titus Coan (1801-1882) in Hawaii, 1835-1881. Much of Titus Coan's missions life was spent in and around Hilo, Hawaii on the Big Island. Besides a stunning record of the "Great Awakening" of the Hawaiian people to Christianity, the book gives vivid descriptions of the native Hawaiian people, their culture, the beauty of the land, volcano's, tsunamis and earthquakes.
    • PB Titus Coan / A Memorial (1884 ed.) - By Lydia Bingham Coan
      Biography of the journey of the missionary life and labors of Titus Coan (1801-1882) in Hawaii, 1835-1881. Book was written by his wife after his death. Much of Titus Coan's missions life was spent in and around Hilo, Hawaii on the Big Island. Besides a stunning record of the "Great Awakening" of the Hawaiian people to Christianity, the book gives vivid descriptions of the native Hawaiian people, their culture, the beauty of the land, volcano's, tsunamis and earthquakes.
    • Titus Coan: Missionary And Explorer (1890's ed.) - By Simon James Humphrey, D.D.
      A very short book about a man's missionary life and labors in the Hawaiian Islands. This book is a description of Titus Coan's life as a missionary and explorer as well as excerpts during what is known as The Great Awakening. The quotes from Titus Coan himself make this book especially vivid and challenging. The author was a member of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
    • PB Adventures In Patagonia (1880 ed.) - By Titus Coan
      Titus Coan - Autobiographical journey of Titus Coan's early missionary life and labors in Patagonia (Southern S. America) with vivid descriptions of the land and indigenous people and cultures in the early 1800's. Book was written by him in his later life. The book contains add-ons of subsequent missionary efforts in the area as well. Coan soon after spent the rest of his life as a missionary in Hawaii.

    OTHER MISSIONARIES (And native testimonies):
    • ?? Bartimeus of the Sandwich Islands (1851 ed.) - By Hiram Bingham
      The true story of a man who lived the first part of his life as a primitive blind native Hawaiian. He was exposed to the Gospel through the work of the early missionaries in his adulthood and became one of the most well known native preachers of his time. (early 1800's)
    • NEW! PB Duty To Evangelize (1836 ed.) - By The Hawaiian Islands Mission
      Originally published as "The Duty of the Present Generation to Evangelize the World: An Appeal From The Missionaries At The Sandwich Islands To Their Friends In the United States"
      A short book published by the early Christian missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands. A modern day epistle on the duty to evangelize and obey the last command of Jesus while on earth. This book has some very clear and convicting insights into the Christian's life of obedience to the Master and was compiled from the participation of multiple missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands. The following year (1837) revival broke out all over the islands for three years with over 20,000 added to the churches.
    • Hawaii Under King Kalakaua - From Personal Experiences Of Leavett H. Hallock (1911 ed.) - By Leavett H. Hallock
      A Tourists View Of Hawaii In 1878
      A short book chronicling the travels, experiences and insights of an American who visited the Hawaiian Islands in 1878. His writing is a refreshing breath of air. The last chapter is situated in Hilo, Hawaii Island and captures his experience staying for several days with famous missionary, Titus Coan who was stationed there. Although he did meet once with Kalakaua, the name in the title is a time reference.
    • PB History of the Mission to the Sandwich Islands (1870 ed.) - By Rufus Anderson
      An extensive history of the Christian Mission to the Hawaiian Islands. This book covers not only the history of the missionaries but the development of the Hawaiian government and people from 1820 - 1870. Written by Rufus Anderson who was secretary of the American Board of Commissioner for Foreign Missions.
    • PB History Of The Sandwich Islands, A (1843 + 1909 ed.) - By Sheldon Dibble
      A very detailed account of the History of what was in the 1800's known as the Sandwich Islands (Hawaiian Islands) starting from ancient history through 1843 along with an insightful overview of the American missionary history in the islands from 1820 to 1843. This book is somewhat written in narrative form making it not only informing but enjoyable to read. Also has a chapter on what is known as the "Great Awakening" revival in the late 1830's where thousands of native Hawaiians fell under deep conviction and converted to Christianity.
    • ?? Kapiolani The Heroine Of Hawaii (1866 ed.) - By Rufus Anderson
      A short book published originally in 1866 on the life of Kapiolani, a native Hawaiian chiefess whose life was impacted dramatically by the early Missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is most well known for her open challenge of "Pele," the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano.
    • PB Life And Times Of Lucy G. Thurston (1882 ed.) - By Lucy G. Thurston
      Missionary life and labors in Hawaii with vivid descriptions of revival, Hawaii's land and people in the 1800's. Lucy Thurston and her husband (Asa Thurston) were among the first Christian Missionaries to the kingdom of Hawaii (1820). Much of this book is compiled from her letters and journals making this a very personal overview of her life as a missionary for over 50 years.
    • NEW! PB Luther Halsey Gulick (Missionary In Hawaii, Micronesia, Japan, And China) (1895 ed.) - By Frances Gulick Jewett
      An intimate insight into the life of missionary to Hawaii, Micronesia, Japan and China in the 1800's. Luther Halsey Gulick was a second generation missionary being the son of early missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands, Peter and Fanney Gulick and as such was born in the Islands as a Hawaiian citizen. His first assignment was to Panape in Micronesia and then back in the Hawaiian Islands. He and his wife later joined others in Japan and China.
    • ?? Memoir Of Keopuolani - Late Queen Of The Sandwich Islands (1825 ed.) - By William Richards
      A short book and biography of Keopuolani, a wife of Kamehameha I, the chief on Hawaii Island that conquered and unified the Hawaiian Islands into one country and became it's king. Keopuolani was one of his wives and queen of Hawaii. Her story is one of transformation from idolatry to Christianity. Book was written in 1824 by an early missionary to the Kingdom of Hawaii.
    • PB Memoirs Of Heneri Opukahaia (Henry Obookiah) A Native Hawaiian 1792-1818 (1830 ed.) - By Edwin Welles Dwight
      Heneri Opukahaia (Henry Obookiah) was a young native Hawaiian boy who ended up his short life on the east coast of America. His story is one of transformation from idolatry to Christianity, from native life in the Islands to a civilized gentleman and minister of the Gospel. One which inspired the missionary companies that first left for Hawaii.
    • PB Mission Life in Hawaii - Memoir Of Rev. William P. Alexander (1888 ed.) - By James M. Alexander
      William P. Alexander and his wife, Mary A. Alexander, arrived in Hawaii in the 5th company of missionaries sent to the Hawaiian Islands in 1832. They were soon after assigned for a short while in the Marquesas Islands but that mission was canceled due to the violent and unpredictable nature of the natives. They returned to the Hawaiian mission and spend the rest of their lives laboring at Waioli on Kauai and at Lahainaluna and Wailuku on Maui. They witnessed the Great Awakening move of God in the late 1830's. An intriguing but honest account of their lives and journals.
    • PB Pilgrims Of Hawaii, The (1918 ed.) - By Mr.&Mrs. Orramel Gulick
      Written by the children of missionaries who were sent to the kingdom of Hawaii, this book is a stunning record of the "Great Awakening" of the Hawaiian people to Christianity. The book gives vivid descriptions of the native Hawaiian people, their culture and government, and the beauty of their land. Many of these descriptions are found in the letters and journal entries of many missionaries which make up much of this book.
    • PB Residence of 21 Years - Sandwich Islands (1847 ed.) - By Hiram Bingham
      Missionary life and History in Hawaii (1820-1841) with detailed descriptions of revival, Hawaii's land and people in the 1800's. Hiram Bingham was among the first Christian Missionaries to the kingdom of Hawaii and knew very well the kings and rulers of that country. A large volume of historical, geographical, and cultural history alongside the transformation of a nation in Christ.
    • NEW! PB Sketches Of Life In The Hawaiian Islands (1861 +1880+1918 ed.) - By Laura Fish Judd
      Laura Fish Judd, wife of Dr. Gerrit Judd, arrived in the Hawaiian Islands in the 3rd missionary company. Gerrit Judd was more and more involved in advising the government of the fledgling Kingdom of Hawaii and later was enlisted by the government in various high positions. This book written by her is compiled from journals, letters and personal insights into an intimate insider view of the workings of that government and the ongoing missionary effort that led to the transforming of that nation and people. It is an incredible detailed record into the development of the Hawaiian government from 1828 to 1861. This later edition also contains footnotes by their son, Albert Francis Judd, and details from 1861-1880.
    • PB Vindication And Appeal - The American Mission In The Sandwich Islands (1866 Hwn. Is. ed.) - By William Ellis
      After forty years of the American Christian mission to the Hawaiian Islands, some in Great Britain decided to establish a mission of the Church of England in conflict with the present American mission. William Ellis, an English missionary who worked with the American mission in the Hawaiian Islands writes a brilliant and exposing defense of the American mission and appeal to honor the unity of the faith of Jesus by not establishing a competing Church Of England mission in the Islands.

    • ?? NOTE: The mini-books "Memoir Of Keopuolani" (1825 ed.), "Kapiolani Heroine Of Hawaii" (1866 ed.) and "Bartimeus Of The Sandwich Islands" (1851 ed.) are combined as a part of the book "Three Native Hawaiians" below.

    • PB Three Native Hawaiians (© 2016) - Compiled By Paul D. Rapoza with contributions by William Richards, Rufus Anderson, Hiram Bingham and others.
      Keopuolani, Kapiolani & Puaaiki (Blind Bartimeus) - A Queen, a Chiefess and a commoner. This book is a compilation of short stories about the lives of three native Hawaiians who were born in the late 1700's and lived to see the rising of the sun of Christianity upon the native population. Two of them lived long enough to see the "Great Awakening" of the native population as the Spirit of God seemed to hover over the nation. Thousands of native Hawaiians became enlightened to the reality of the existence of God and salvation through His Son Jesus, the Christ (the Messiah). The last chapter on the "Great Awakening" has many quotes from various missionaries stationed in the Islands describing those awe inspiring times. (Late 1830's)

    • PB Brief History Of The Hawaiian People, A (1891 +1899 ed.) - By William DeWitt Alexander
      An enlightening history of the native Hawaiian people from pre1800's to 1899 inclusive of the development and character of the Kingdom of Hawaii from the 1700's through the changeover from kingdom to republic to annexation by the USA (late 1800's). This book was published by the order of the Board of Education of the Hawaiian Islands Government.
    • Constitutions Of The Kingdom Of Hawaii (2017 ed.) - Compiled By Staff
      A compilation of the Constitutions of the Kingdom of Hawaii in the 1800's. Contained in this book are the Constitutions of 1840, 1852, 1864 and 1887. This book has been published as a handy reference for comparison of the various constitutions.
    • PB History Of Later Years Of The Hawaiian Monarchy And The Revolution Of 1893 (1896 ed.) - William DeWitt Alexander
      A very detailed history of later Hawaiian monarchs of the Kingdom of Hawaii (Lunalilo, Kalakaua and Liliuokalani) and extensive details on the events leading up to and establishing of the Republic of Hawaii. In many ways this book is a continuation of Alexander's "A Brief History Of The Hawaiian People" but covers in much more detail the transformation of Hawaii from a Monarchy to a Republic.
    • Kalakaua's Tour Around The World (1881 ed.) - By P. C. Advertiser Co.
      A short book chronicling King Kalakaua's voyage around the world in 1881. Kalakaua was the seventh king of the monarchy ruling the Kingdom of Hawaii or the Hawaiian Islands. It is said that he undertook the arduous tour chiefly with a view to promote the re-population of his realm. This account gives the reader a certain flavor of the relationship and treatment of the many kings around the world at the time.

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