MISC INDEX: The Great Awakening - a Heavenly Perspective

The Great Awakening
Thousands Touched By God

In the beginning, the spiritual skies over the Hawaiian Islands were dark and without form and void.

The Creator of the Universe looked down upon the native Hawaiians and said, "I want an eternal people from among them for my glory."

Then He said, "Let there be light" and the light of the Son began to shine it's rays upon the people as the early morning light of dawn. The system of the native "kapu" [forbidden] and the priests and idols fled from His light for they were of the darkness.

Sending forth His angels, He instructed them to awaken His people to follow His command to "Go ye forth into all nations and proclaim the Good News of His Son." Many heard that call to the Hawaiian Islands. They came not knowing what to expect.

The Creator then said, "This people have no written language. Instruct my servants to create one so those that come to me will be able to read my word. So His servants came and created a written language and established schools all over the islands so the people could read.

Time went on and the Creator, knowing that the times of man are limited, poured out His Spirit upon all in the Islands and many thousands heard His voice in their hearts. The light of the Son was now shinning brightly as His servants gathered those who would live eternally with the Creator.

The Creator knew the wickedness of the world was standing at the door to the Islands waiting to swallow up the people of His calling. He knew also of the coming plagues that so many would die from. He knew that the love of money coming to them would harden their hearts.

The evils came and the plagues came and the love of money grew in men's hearts but by then the Creator had already harvested an eternal people from among the native Hawaiians for Himself, to live with Him,
and ever,
and ever.... No man can snatch them from His hand.