Missionaries (Hawaii 1800's) - Sorted By Company


Last Updated: Apr. 2, 2015

Arrivals To Hawaii

Pioneer Company

Brig Thaddeus, Capt. Blanchard, (James Hunnewell, first officer,) sailed from Boston Oct. 23, 1819; sighted Mauna Kea Mar. 30, 1820; sailed around the north side of Hawaii; at Kawaihae heard of the overthrow of idolatry, and received a number of chiefs as passengers for Kailua; and anchored at Kailua, Hawaii, Apr. 4, 1820. 164 days. The American Board paid $2500. for the passage of the missionaries, besides provisioning them for the long voyage. King Kaumualii of Kauai, during May, 1820, handsomely repaid Capt. Blanchard, for bringing back his son, George, who also was a passenger from Boston, free provisions for the brig, and sandal-wood valued at $1000.

Second Company

Ship Thames, Capt. Clasby, sailed from New Haven, Ct., Nov. 19, 1822; sighted Hawaii, Apr. 24, 3 P.M. and arrived at Honolulu, Apr. 27, 1823. 158 days. The passengers testify to "Great harmony - many unsolicited favors from the captain."

Third Company

Ship Parthian, Capt. Richard D. Blinn, sailed from Boston Nov. 3, 1827, and arrived at Honolulu Mar. 30, 1828. 148 days. The missionary party were not well treated by the captain and steward. For this company the American Board paid for passage of sixteen missionaries, $100 each; of four Hawaiians, $50 each; freightage, $700 - total, $2500, and also furnished all of their provisions, and one-half the cost of water casks.

Fourth Company

Ship New England, Capt. Parker, sailed from New Bedford, Dee. 28, 1830, and arrived at Honolulu, June 7. 1831. "A very comfortable passage of 161 days."

Fifth Company

Whaleship Averick, Capt. Swain, sailed from New Bedford, Nov. 26, 1831, and arrived at Honolulu, May 17, 1832. 172 days. "Great kindness shown to passengers by captain and officers."

Sixth Company

Ship Mentor, Capt. Rice, sailed from New London, Nov. 21, 1832, and arrived at Honolulu, May 1, 1833. 161 days.

Seventh Company

Ship Hellespont, Capt. Henry, sailed from Boston Dec. 5, 1834, and arrived at Honolulu, June 6, 1835. 183 days.

Eighth Company

Barque Mary Frazier, Capt. Charles Sumner, sailed from Boston, Dec. 14, 1836, and arrived at Honolulu, Apr 9, 1837. 116 days.

Ninth Company

Ship Gloucester. Capt. Eastabrook, sailed from Boston, Nov. 14, 1840, and arrived at Honolulu, May 21, 1841. 188 days. "The captain was kind and attentive." While the ship was detained at Rio de Janeiro, the company were hospitably entertained by Rev. Mr. Spaulding, Methodist missionary. They were detained also at Valparaiso.

Tenth Company

Brig Sarah Abigail, Capt. Doane, sailed from Boston, May 2, 1842, and arrived at Honolulu, Sep. 21, 1842. 142 days.

Eleventh Company

Brig Globe, Capt. Doane. sailed from Boston, Dec. 4, 1843; arrived at Honolulu, via Tahiti, July 15, 1844. 224 days

Twelfth Company

Ship Samoset, Capt. Hollis, sailed from Boston, Oct. 23, 1847, and arrived at Honolulu, Feb. 26, 1848. 126 days.

Others To Hawaii

Some of the below missionaries came on other ships independently of various missionary companies and some were the children of missionaries to Hawaii.