Rev. Claudius Buchanan Andrews - 11th Missionary Company 1844

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PICTURE: Claudius Buchanan Andrews 1876Name: Claudius Buchanan Andrews
Born: Kinsman, OH. on July 14, 1818
Schools: Western Reserve College -1840; Lane Seminary -1843
Arrived: July 15, 1844
Station: Kaluaaha (Molokai) -1847, Lahainaluna (Maui) -1850
Married: Aug. 7, 1850 (Anna Seward Gilson); 1865 (Samantha Gilson)
Died: died at sea on Apr. 4, 1877 but buried at Honolulu
Other: In 1850 he visited the U.S. and married Anna Seward Gilson. On return he labored at Kaluaaha, Makawao (Maui), and Lahainaluna. When his first wife died, he married her sister as she requested.
Source: [1] Picture: Claudius Buchanan Andrews 1876[1]

PICTURE: Mrs. Anna (Seward Gilson) Andrews Wife: Mrs. Anna (Seward Gilson) Andrews
Born: Reading, Vt. on Nov. 18, 1823
Married: Aug. 7, 1850 (Claudius Buchanan Andrews)
Children: 7
Died: Makawao on Jan. 27, 1862
Source: [1] Picture: Mrs. Anna (Seward Gilson) Andrews []

PICTURE: Mrs. Samantha (Gilson) Andrews 18762nd Wife: Mrs. Samantha (Gilson) Andrews
Born: Vermont in 1828
Arrived: 1853
Married: 1865 (Claudius Andrews)
Departed: She returned to the U.S. in 1878
Died: (Unknown)
Other: When she married Claudius Andrews she taught at the Makawao Female Seminary. After his death she returned to the U. S. and she married B. B. Bowman at Ann Arbor, Mich. on Aug. 6, 1887 and lived in Kalamazoo, Mich.
Source: [1] Picture: Mrs. Samantha (Gilson) Andrews 1876[1]





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