Rev. Charles McEwen Hyde, D.D. - Arrived In Hawaii 1877

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PICTURE: Charles McEwen Hyde 1890Name: Charles McEwen Hyde
Born: N.Y. City, June 8, 1832
Schools: Williams College -1852; Union and Princeton Seminaries
Arrived: June 1, 1877
Married: Brimfield, MA., Oct. 10, 1865 (Mary T. Knight)
Died: Honolulu, Oct. 13, 1899
Other: He was ordained in Brimfield, MA. in 1862 and was pastor there and in Haverhill until 1876. After arriving in Hawaii, reorganized the Theology School as the North Pacific Missionary Institute, and was their Principal. He also served as Secretary of the Board of Haw'n Evangel. Assn., promoter of the Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese Mission Churches, and as Trustee of five important educational trusts, involving the expenditure of much money.
Source: [1] Picture: Charles McEwen Hyde 1890[1]

PICTURE: Mrs. (Mary T. Knight) Hyde 1893Wife: Mrs. (Mary T. Knight) Hyde
Born: Brimfield, MA., Aug. 6, 1840
Arrived: June 1, 1877
Married: Brimfield, MA., Oct. 10, 1865 (Charles McEwen Hyde)
Children: 2
Other: At Honolulu, she served as President of the Woman's Board of Missions for Pacific Islands, President of the Free Kindergarten and Children's Aid Association, and Vice-President of the Portuguese Charitable Association.
Source: [1] Picture: Mrs. (Mary T. Knight) Hyde 1893[1]





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