Andrew Johnstone - 4th Missionary Company 1831

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PICTURE: Andrew Johnstone Name: Andrew Johnstone
Born: Dundee, Scotland, 1794
Arrived: June 7, 1831
Station: Honolulu (Oahu) as Asst. Superintendent of Secular Affairs, 1831-1836
Married: prior to departure for Hawaii (Rebecca Worth)
Died: Honolulu, Hawaii July 10, 1859
Other: He came to U. S. in 1813 and lived 6 years in W. Indies, and 1 year in Mexico. After serving in Hawaii he was released and became Principal of Oahu Free School, at Honolulu where he taught 12 years.
Source: [1] Picture: Andrew Johnstone []

PICTURE: Mrs. Rebecca (Worth) Johnstone Wife: Mrs. Rebecca (Worth) Johnstone
Born: Nantucket, MA., 1792
Arrived: June 7, 1831
Married: prior to departure for Hawaii (Andrew Johnstone)
Died: Honolulu, Hawaii Oct. 5, 1879
Other: She was an assistant teacher at Oahu Free School.
Source: [1] Picture: Mrs. Rebecca (Worth) Johnstone []





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