Rev. Townsend Elijah Taylor - Arrived In Hawaii 1848

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PICTURE: Townsend Elijah Taylor 1857Name: Townsend Elijah Taylor
Born: La Grange, N.Y., July 18, 1818
Schools: Middlebury College -1844; Union Seminary -1847
Arrived: May, 1848
Station: Lahaina (Maui) 1848; Honolulu (Oahu) 1852-1854
Married: Aug. 12, 1847 (Persis Goodale Thurston)
Died: Ojai Valley, Cal., Feb. 12, 1883
Other: He was sent out by the American Seamen's Friend Society as Chaplain at Lahaina, Maui in 1848. He was later pastor of the Second Foreign Church of Honolulu, Oahu (afterward Fort Street Church) for 2 yrs. (1852-1854). He removed to California for his health, and labored in various parts of that state, and in Virginia City, Nev.
Source: [1] Picture: Townsend Elijah Taylor 1857[1]

PICTURE: Mrs. Persis (Goodale Thurston) Taylor 1859Wife: Mrs. Persis (Goodale Thurston) Taylor
Born: Kailua, Hawaii, Sept. 28, 1821
Arrived: returned to Hawaii May, 1848
Married: Aug. 12, 1847 (Townsend Elijah Taylor)
Children: 6
Died: [1906]
Other: She went to the U.S. in 1841 and was educated at Mt. Holyoke Seminary. She returned with her husband to Hawaii in 1848.
Source: [1] Picture: Mrs. Persis (Goodale Thurston) Taylor 1859[1]





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