Historical News

If your organization is holding a celebration of early missionary historic value, use the CONTACT page to send the information.
  • PHOTO Hiram Bingham 185210/30/2016: On Sunday October 30th there was a tribute to honor Rev. Hiram Bingham held at Kawaiaha'o Church (the Great Stone Church), the pioneer church in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. Rev. Bingham and his wife, Sybil, arrived with the 1st missionary company to the Hawaiian Islands in 1820 after a 6 month ocean voyage in a sailing ship. His influence was instrumental in the Great Awakening of the Hawaiian people to Christianity and the transformation of the Kingdom of Hawaii. He also served unofficially as personal advisor and confidant to many Ali'i who ruled the Islands. After 21 years he and his wife returned to the United States due to his wife's poor health. Bingham served as pastor of the Honolulu church and designed the "Stone Church" building which was finished after he left and is known today as Kawaiaha'o Church. The building still exists and serves the gathering by that name.
  • 2020: 200 year celebration of the arrival of the first missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands in 1820. More details to follow.


Website Changes

  • [5/1/2017 - 6/-15/2017] WEBSITE UPGRADE:
    There has been an ongoing effort to upgrade the website to a more "Responsive Design." Although there will be a great deal of work in this upgrade going on offline you will start to see changes about the middle of June. The look, feel and content will not seem to change much for computers but those coming to the website on iPads, Android Pads and mobile phones will see quite a difference. Each page is being designed to flow with the size of screen it is being viewed in.
  • [5/19/2017] New Online eBook Reader Installed:
    The old "BookReader1 that was custom written for this websites HTML versions of the eBooks has now been replaced by "BookReader2" which is quite an overhaul of version 1. There is however a bug in the display size of the eBooks cover image in some display options. The Page Up/Down has been dramatically improved and the Chapter and Pages menus are now only appear on the page when a main menu button is clicked on or touched making the reader display more compact. You can still "Bookmark" your "last page read" by clicking on the page number and increase/decrease the font size. The new version also adapts to the screen size of the viewer.
  • The day after installing BookReader2 we acquired a PDF format reader program (PDF.js) for the server being developed at so it has been an exciting week here. That program is housed on Server 1 (Research & Development Server) at the office and is listed as an option on BookReader2's options menu. It does NOT work on Safari, has a few glitches on some computers in Internet Explorer but works fine in Chrome, Firefox and Opera (on computers only for now). (BookReader2 works great on all of them and Pads/Phones) It's a little slow loading initially.
  • You can check them both out HERE...