Titus Coan - Research Links

Last Updated: April 28, 2015

Library of Congress - has a sizeable section of Titus Coan's writings including book manuscripts, journals and letters - most of this content is in his own cursive handwriting. There are over 500 images taken of some of that content and housed at this library. It will need to be catalogued for online use but will likely at that time be limited to researchers. However we will eventually post some examples and if possible, the extracted print version of them for everyone else. For a full list of those items see "Titus Coan Family Papers at LOC" below.

There is a treasure trove of documents online. Missions magazines, etc from the time period.

Offsite Links will be added below:

  • Titus Coan Family Papers at LOC
    A Finding Aid to the Collection in the Library of Congress: Manuscripts, Journals Letters, etc...
  • HMCS library archives. Hawaiian Mission Childrens Society's library has an online catalogue, some digitized material (such as "The Friend" and the annual Mission Station Reports). Hard copies of Coan letters. Also see online finding guide for the HMCS library "Finding Guide for Bingham Family Papers, 1816-1906. HMCS Bingham family finding guide, which includes correspondence from Lydia Bingham Coan.
    NOTE: has massive digital records on missionaries
  • The Late Dr. Coan:
    "Brief Sketch of the Life of the Old Missionary." In New York Times (January 5, 1883).
  • Lyman Museum in Hilo, Hawaii. Has a little bit of Titus Coan material, as well as much on people who served with him such as the Lymans and the Wetmores.