ABOUT: Copyrights

Notice of copyrights:
  • Much of the actual "bare bones" content contained within library pages and books you will see is sourced from the "Public Domain" and may be shared without restriction.*[1]
    [*See Below for exceptions]
  • Webpage designs, formatting of content, the nature of the online collection itself and content not marked by other copyrights are held in copyright by: © Helps Communications for the Titus Coan Memorial Library Project solely for the purpose of protecting the library as a whole from outright plagiarism, and not for commercial gain. A good rule of thumb if you are not sure of your possible use of this content, etc, is to ASK. It is not our intention to be overly restrictive...
[1]Public domain is an entrenched doctrine of intellectual property law and refers to intellectual property works, such as inventions, writings, recordings or photographs, which have no patent or copyright intellectual property protection. Thus, public domain materials are not protected by intellectual property law. Legal ownership belongs to the public at-large; and not to any individual person. In the result, anyone can use a public domain work without obtaining permission, but no one can ever own it.

However, a collection of public domain works may, as a collection, be subject to intellectual property as a new and novel work. This is especially true for websites, many of which simply collect, gather and reproduce public domain information and yet the new collection is itself protected by copyright even though the raw material is not.
Source: Duhaime's Law Dictionary