ABOUT: Titus Coan

Titus Coan came to the Hawaiian Islands as a Christian Missionary and lived, labored among and loved the native population of the Islands from 1835 until his death in 1881. During his life there, he traveled thousands of miles on foot paths and braved many dangers to introduce his beloved Saviour to the Hawaiian people. In what is known as "the great awakening," many thousands of native Hawaiians were converted and Titus Coan became the pastor of what was likely the largest church gathering in the world at that time (12,000 at Hilo, Hawaii). When he died at 81, thousands mourned the death of their beloved pastor.

His two books and a biography by his second wife Lydia Bingham Coan are located at this library under "Main Menu - BOOKS" at the top of the page. It was the reading of his autobiography "Life In Hawaii" and his biography "Titus Coan - A Memorial" that inspired this Library Project.

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