ABOUT: Technical

This site is being built with portability in mind so that it can be shared with many by many. The header, menus, footer and color schemes of the pages can (and likely will) be changed by altering a few files (for hundreds of pages) using CSS scripting and embedding in the files. There is only a tiny bit of JAVA code in some of the pages to allow pop-up smaller info pages (like the one you are reading) and aid in thepresentation of the different HTML books that will be added to this library. There is also a small bit of JAVA code that allows visitors to translate the page into their language.

The menus near the top of the page come from CSSmenumaker.com and have been freely provided and altered to work with our design. The cgi programs both public and administrative are based on Perl script programing.

The server(s) run on Linux OS and the pages are delivered by Apache Web Server software (all free) - All of which have been produced by hundreds of volunteers over the years. (Some of the missionary profile content that will be used on this website inevitably will have been in part produced by dozens of volunteers as a part of much wider efforts.)

The greatest "Technology" in use here is and will be the power of cooperative volunteers - from the bare hardrive to the finished archive. Much like the above, the Almighty God created and harnessed the Spirit of cooperation in the 1800's among the 100's of missionaries and thousands back in the USA who supported the work in Hawaii for decades.