A Primitive Grass Hut
The History Of The
Christian Mission To Hawaii
And The Transformation Of The Hawaiian Nation And People
A Primitive Grass Hut
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The Great Awakening

Thousands Of Native Hawaiians
Touched By God

Journal of T. Coan, Hilo, Hawaii Island, 1838
"January 29. - "At the first village the Holy Ghost fell on many that heard the word, and they left all and followed from place to place, weeping as they went. I should hardly dare tell my brethren generally what I saw in Puna. Some would call it Methodism, some fanaticism, wildfire, etc. I call it the power, of God unto salvation, for I felt it in my soul before it fell upon my congregation. And it fell upon them under the most bold and searching and simple truth which I could present to their minds, and as the most unequivocal answer to prayer." [*]

From letter by A. Bishop, Oahu 1838:
"Our congregation has increased to about four times its former number. About one thousand was the former number of regular hearers. We have now, perhaps, four thousand on the Sabbath morning, but not that full amount in the evening service. " [*]

From letter by W. P. Alexander, Waioli, Kauai, August 25, 1838:
"The showers of blessings which have been refreshing the garden of the Lord in these islands of the sea, have not been withheld from our field. I have never before witnessed among the people so earnest an attention to the means of grace and so deep concern for the salvation of the soul." [*]

From letter by D. Baldwin, Lahaina, Maui, August 17, 1838:
"I will attempt to give you a brief account of what God has been doing for us, though I feel that neither tongue nor pen can tell what our eyes have seen and our hearts have felt. Such scenes were never intended to be fully described here on earth. It will be enough that they will be fully and perfectly unfolded at the great day when the secrets of all hearts shall be made manifest and we shall be prepared to unite with angels in joy unspeakable and in giving all the glory to God." [*]

From letter of H. B. Hitchcock, Kaluaaha, Molokai, November, 1838:
"Several of the native brethren were sent out to the outstations to converse with the people and they were astonished to find that the Lord had preceded them and had inclined the hearts of many to attend to His word. They were absent one week and returned little less surprised at the power and goodness of God, than were the disciples when they exclaimed: "Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name!" ... Never did I witness a more fixed and anxious attention to the word of God." [*]

Lahaina, Maui, January 7, 1839. Rev. D. Baldwin writes:
"The meeting house on the Sabbath for two months past has been excessively crowded. We reckon that above two thousand may find room in the house." [*]

From letter by H. Bingham, Honolulu, April 26, 1838:
"The Spirit of God is showered down upon the whole extent of the Sandwich Islands and those of us who have seemed to think the Gospel could hardly gain a lodgment in the heart of this people because of their alleged stupidity, or ignorance, or want of conscience, are now constrained to admit that they can be as readily affected by the Spirit of God as any class of men with whom we have been acquainted." [*]

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