Rev. Titus Coan, D. D. - 7th Missionary Company 1835

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PICTURE: Titus Coan 1870Name: Titus Coan
Born: Killingworth, CT. Feb. 1, 1801
Schools: Auburn Seminary to 1833
Arrived: June 6, 1835
Station: Hilo (Hawaii Island)
Married: Churchville, N.Y., Nov. 3, 1834 (Fidelia Church); Oct. 13, 1873 (Lydia Bingham)
Died: Hilo, Hawaii Dec. 1, 1882
Other: After Auburn Seminary in 1833, he went on an exploratory mission to Patagonia, S. America. Upon return to the U.S. (1834) he married and they left on a sailing ship for Hawaii as missionaries. They arrived at Honolulu, Hawaii in 1835 they were stationed at Hilo, and labored continuously in that district (Hilo N. to Honokaa and S. to Kau) excepting a visit to the U. S. with his first wife in 1870-71. He also made 2 trips as delegate to the Hawaiian Mission in the Marquesas Islands in 1860 and in 1867. He is best known for his participation in "The Great Awakening" in the late 1830's to early 1840's where many thousands of native Hawaiians were touched powerfully by God to repentance. There are eBooks available on this site: "Adventures In Patagonia" and "Life In Hawaii" (his autobiography). His second wife wrote his biography "Titus Coan - A Memorial" after he died with many of his letters and excepts from his journal entries.
Source: [1,2] Picture: Titus Coan 1870[1]

PICTURE: Mrs. Fidelia (Church) Coan 1870Wife: Mrs. Fidelia (Church) Coan
Born: Riga, Monroe Co., N.Y. on Feb. 17, 1810
Arrived: June 6, 1835
Married: Churchville, N.Y., Nov. 3, 1834 (Titus Coan)
Children: 4
Died: Hilo, Hawaii Sep. 29, 1872
Other: From 1838 until 1864 she taught at the boarding school for native girls in Hilo, Hawaii.
Source: [1] Picture: Mrs. Fidelia (Church) Coan 1870[1]

PICTURE: Mrs. Lydia (Bingham) Coan 18662nd Wife: Mrs. Lydia (Bingham) Coan
Born: Honolulu, Hawaii Dec. 25, 1834 (The daughter of Hiram Binham)
Arrived: Educated in U. S. and returned 1867
Married: Oct. 13, 1873 (Titus Coan)
Died: [1915]
Other: The daughter of Hiram Bingham, she was educated in the U. S. and for 2 years was Lady Principal of the Ohio Female College, (Cincinnati, OH). She returned to the Hawaiian Islands in 1867 where she served as Principal of Kawaiahao Female Seminary in Honolulu, Hawaii prior to marrying Titus Coan.
Source: [1,2] Picture: Mrs. Lydia (Bingham) Coan 1866[1]





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